Brita Johnson
Marketing + Brand Strategy



I’m a Marketing + Brand Strategist whose mission is to help entrepreneurs such as yourself develop a strong, purpose-driven brand with an impactful presence that draws the attention of your audience.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, looking to refresh your brand, or just want a more prominent digital presence... I’ve been there! I started my online business all on my own without being quite sure where to start, rebranded myself after college due to a change in my own direction and a newly developed passion for marketing, and I’ve been the work-at-home-mother trying to get my work completed with a toddler hanging onto my arm while also taking care of the baby (and I love them more than words can say!). It’s terrifying to think about having to start over, rebrand yourself, or put your company out there. I know! It’s scary when you’re not sure if things will take off and bring success, allowing you to be your own boss or if you will be dead in the water, struggling to gain leads and feeling overwhelmed by the world of marketing.  

That’s where I come in… I’m not only able to help you bring your vision and passion to life, but I can help you market yourself in the ever growing digital marketspace. I can help you narrow your ideas and goals into your brand’s mission to gain clarity as well as develop a strong tone and voice. Designing your brand’s aesthetic, website, and marketing strategies are all key parts in having an effective brand that not only has credibility but resonates and attracts clients.

One of my favorite parts of working in the design industry is the people. I’ve been able to meet people from all over the world (Netherlands, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Uganda…) and I have learned so much, not only growing as a designer but as a person due to the different perspectives I have experienced. It’s fascinating! On top of that, seeing my client’s face or just hearing their reaction when they first see their branding altogether — that ‘omg!’ moment — it makes everything worth it. You can practically see the weight lifted from their shoulders.

Just imagine the feeling of seeing everything you’ve worked for with your brand, values, and mission... it’s all right there visualized before your eyes!


One thing about branding is that it’s not ALL about design. Design is really just a drop in the ocean when it comes to creating an impactful brand that truly speaks to your audience. Developing the core of your brand is essential before you even get to the design and will determine how successful your company has the potential to be. The stronger the brand values, tone, confidence,... the more empowered your brand is going to come off to your potential clients. And of course, there is the world of marketing your brand on the digital marketspace.

I went through every aspect of developing my brand so I KNOW there is a process and what all it entails. Sure, I have my Bachelors in Advertising and Graphic Design from a prestigious design school (Columbus College of Art & Design) but the experience I have gained in the field has pushed me to new levels and challenged me to continually reach for more.

Again, I understand what you’re going through because I’ve been there myself. But you know what… YOU can do it and you won’t be alone! I will be here to help you achieve your goal of having a strong, purpose-driven brand with an impactful digital presence!