My passion is branding and social media! I love bringing the core beliefs of a company out through their design work. I specialize in the food industry because I find it absolutely fascinating! There are so many different avenues to explore, from fancy Italian restaurants to little cupcake shops! Each one has their own voice and I want to help them shine! Each one has something different to offer and that's what keeps my job interesting! I try to take something from every job to keep myself growing not only as a designer but as a person as well.

Over the past year I have worked to expand and get to work with people from different industries and it has been a wonderful experience!

If you would like to contact me, feel free! Whether it's a freelance question or you just want to chat, you can contact me anytime!

Some of my wonderful clients, both past and present!

Ale House 1890
Conner Insurance Agency
SpeechPath Ohio
Evolve Business Solutions
Twig 17
Elles Lohuis, PhD


Sarah Stanley Inspired
Eastside Volleyball
Trinity Church
Parenting Paths

Antenna Social
Eleanor Anukam
New Road Media
Eureka Consulting, LLC
Halloween Forevermore